Spin Rewriter 10 Review [Latest Version, 2019] [New and Updated]

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Spin Rewriter 10 Review – A Real User’s Review [Updated 2019]

A honest review of Spin Rewriter
Spin Rewriter  TESTED  RECOMMENDED has been my software of choice for two years now. It has helped me generate $1,000s for my business.

This is an honest review of the latest version of Spin Rewriter. It is compiled by me personally, an experienced internet marketer who has been using Spin Rewriter for more than 4 years.

Below, you will find out more about my story, proof that I am a real user and why every content marketer needs a good program for article rewriting. Read through and you will be rewarded with hundreds of dollars in bonuses.

*NEW* Spin Rewriter 10.0 Current Version 2019

Users who sign up now also get full access to te upcoming version 10.0 of Spin Rewriter.

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Dear Friend,

My name is Stella. I’m a former management consultant turned into an internet marketing expert and online entrepreneur. I have served hundreds of customers and developed several niche sites of my own.

Four years ago I was looking for a solution to my content marketing needs. Writing new content for all of my sites took so much time. Outsourcing content creation had several problems as well, such as difficulty in finding quality writers and high costs.

That is when I found Spin Rewriter (v. 6.0 at the time), after having tested other article rewriting software like WordAI and The Best Spinner.

Spin Rewriter left me with a ‘wow’, even from the first time I used it. It helped me spin content and get quality readable articles in just an instant. That was a huge time and money saver for my business. I even started my own rewriting service on Fiverr, which has been thriving since then.

Spin Rewriter is the best article rewriterWhat is Spin Rewriter


Spin Rewriter is a software that helps you create human-quality articles at the push of a button. It provides a free trial.

Spin Rewriter has been around since 2011. It is a reliable content rewriter software that is here to stay.

It’s a top-notch article rewriting and spinning tool that helps you create unique content fast while maintaining quality.

You just copy and paste the original text into Spin Rewriter, hit a button and you get the rewritten piece of content in an instant.

Spin Rewriter is cloud-based, so you don’t have to install anything in your computer. Cloud-based also means that every time the software is updated with new features, you get immediate access to the new version.

Why you need an article rewriting software

Article rewriting is a common practice among internet marketers, content marketers and content creators. In fact, article curation and content rewriting is one of the best methods to generate high-quality content fast.

It works in 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Research your topic and find two or three articles that describe it best.

Step 2: Curate the parts of those articles that appeal to you into one new piece.

Step 3: Use a tool like Spin Rewriter to automagically rewrite your curated piece of content into an original, unique article.

This way you can quickly create huge amounts of well-researched, top-quality content for your website, blog, lead magnets, SEO efforts or niche sites. The possibilities are practically endless.

Article rewriting, along with proper research and content curation, are your best option when it comes to generating an unlimited number of articles on any topic in any niche.

When does the new version of Spin Rewriter launch?

Spin Rewriter 10.0 Current Version 2019!

Get on the waiting list!

Brand new Spin Rewriter 7.0 is launching on October 12th, 2016!

Be reminded in time to enjoy the early-bird benefits!

The new version of the most recommended article rewriting software will launch in October. If you sign up now you will get full access to all of the new features., and you will be able to claim a huge Spin Rewriter 10 discount as well.

Spin Rewriter 10.0
What’s NEW in Spin Rewriter 10.0?

With Version 10.0 of Spin Rewriter, the developer is bringing the following state-of-the-art features:

  1. A complete modern redesign from scratch with stunning new user interface, easy to navigate, simple and mobile friendly!
  2. Innovative meaning-extraction and synonym-selection. This is big 5-year leap forward, considered that semantic search will be the focus of SEO in the years to come.
  3. An even bigger leap forward in terms of sentence structure handling. This adds to the flexibility when you want to create new original content fast. The Team at Spin Rewriter have also done a manual review of the synonym database (500+ man-hours invested).
  4. Redesigned and improved user interface. The best ever online environment to work with Spin Rewriter. Users will be able to compare different spun articles side-by-side.
  5. They are adding integration with free stock photo sites (e.g. Pixabay). They have made the built-in video database even more powerful. Also, users can now embed specific YouTube videos (built-in search).
  6. Incredible, 100% seamless WordPress integration to publish your content blazing fast. The developer provides you with a WordPress plugin to help you use the features of Spin Rewriter from within the WP Dashboard.
  7. New native Android and iPhone apps. Now you can use your smart phone, tablet or iOS device to access your Spin Rewriter account.
  8. Are you working with an Assistant? Now you can set up limited VA access to your account and software features, so that you are in full control of who has access to what.
  9. …and so many more exciting features are to come with the newest Spin Rewriter software version!

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Who is behind this software?

Aaron-Sustar, Founder - Spin Rewriter

Aaron Sustar is the developer of Spin Rewriter, and the Founder of Smiley Tech Solutions.

Aaron Sustar seems to be a great guy, very kind and resourceful, working on Spin Rewriter improvements consistently.

Smiley Tech Solutions provide other services as well, and when you sign up for Spin Rewriter you will get access to value pricing options for native English article rewriting services, article submission and other offers.


Spin Rewriter Testimonials

Visit the official Spin Rewriter webpage to read more user testimonials.

Here are customer reviews and endorsement of the best article spinner and rewriter around!

These customer recommendations offer proof that users love Spin Rewriter.

Download the customer reviews in PDF format.

Software demo and free trial

Live Spin Rewriter 10.0 demo and 5-day trial with unlimited use.

Who wants to pay before they try? Spin Rewriter gives you a fair option to have full trial access to the software for 5 days, before your credit card is charged. If you don’t like the software (which I doubt!) you can just cancel your account before the 5 days pass, and you won’t pay a dime!

Here is a full demo video of Spin Rewriter 10.0 features to see what you’ll get.

Huge annual Spin Rewriter 10 discount available!

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My personal experience with Spin Rewriter

stellaThis page is intended to give as complete a Spin Rewriter review as possible. Moreover, I am a marketer who recommends products I have tried and use. I will never recommend a tool that I have doubts about.

So, of course I have an active paid account with Spin Rewriter, which I use almost everyday in order to:

  • create unique content for my PBN sites
  • create quality content for my niche blogs
  • curate and rephrase content from reputable blogs
  • spin classic Ezine articles to create my base content
  • spin quality PLR ebooks to create an essential structure for my  ebooks and lead magnets
  • get help with synonyms, grammar and restructuring of sentences
  • deliver my marketing services that are listed on Fiverr and Source Market
  • find support when I need to populate my clients’ blogs with long-form content

THE ANATOMY OF MY SUCCESS WITH SPIN REWRITERSo, this is what I mostly do with Spin Rewriter. A lot, right? And honestly I cannot say how much Spin Rewriter has helped me to earn online. The ROI I have gotten from this software must be 1000%!

Having said that, I want to mention that before I signed up for Spin Rewriter I had tried almost all of the other spinners available, online or Windows-based, free or paid. Come on, you know too that most spinners produce funny content. I mean really funny, to laugh with. They get confused with the various meanings of words, and that results in getting a spun version of the article that is only good for trash.

I initially started looking at article spinners, because I wanted affordable assistance in creating great amounts of content fast, while maintaining control of the workflow at the same time.

I repeat that I’ve tried almost each and every spinner available online. No other spinner provides the value of Spin Rewriter especially for such low price! I must say though that WordAI is the second best option. I want to stress that because I want to be fair with other software vendors. The rest, I’m sorry, but you must try more…

I bought WordAI and used it for some time, until I discovered Spin Rewriter. I had to switch, because WordAI is much more expensive than Spin Rewriter. Sure it has a lot of features, great API that integrates with several WordPress (and other) plugins and apps (Spin Rewriter has an API for developers as well), but let’s face it: all of us freelancers / bloggers / online entrepreneurs want the highest value for the lowest price. And that is exactly what you get when you sign up for Spin Rewriter. You can also give WordAI a try. It offers a 3-day trial.oc

To sum up, I have used dozens of article rewriting software. My top recommendation is Spin Rewriter. My second best recommendation is WordAI.

Software demo video by me – My own Spin Rewriter account

Spin Rewriter 10.0 preview video with commentary and review notes.

Use Spin Rewriter 10.0 to automatically rewrite articles in a breeze.
This is a demonstration of how you can use the best online article spinner to rephrase content to make it unique.

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Spin Rewriter  Bonuses

When you buy any subscription plan of Spin Rewriter you will receive the following bonuses immediately or within 24 hrs.

Note: Clear your browser history and cookies before clicking on my link and buying Spin Rewriter.

Bonus from the developer

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My amazing Spin Rewriter 10.0 bonus bundle

Get these 10 amazing top-value products for FREE:

– Bonus #1 (Software) – Merge Articles, value $39.95
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– Bonus #4 (Video Course) – Achieve Financial Freedom Online in 6 months or less, value $57
– Bonus #5 (Video Course) – Lead Generation Mastery Course, value $47
– Bonus #6 (Video Course) – Full WordPress and GetResponse Autoresponder Training, value $47
– Bonus #7 (Ebook) – Articles Into Videos, value $19.95
– Bonus #8 (Ebook) – 30-Minute Keywords, value $29.95
– Bonus #9 (Ebook) – Content Marketing Strategies, value $29.95
– Bonus #10 (Ebook) – Ultimate Link Building, value $29.95

Total bonus value: $360+ $97 = more than $457 worth of tools, guides and training.

IMPORTANT: How to claim your bonuses

Here is how to get your Spin Rewriter 10.0 bonuses.

Step 1: Before using my link make sure to clear your browser cookies.

Step 2: Click here to sign up for Spin Rewriter 10.0 subscription.

Step 3: Email me your {Purchase ID and Date of Purchase} using this form

Step 4: You will get all of your bonuses within 24 hours or less.

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Spin Rewriter 10.0 Verdict- Is it the best article spinner ever?

Spin Rewriter has quickly established itself as one of the top article spinners available on the market.

Version 6.0 of Spin Rewriter brought top-notch ENL semantic spinning technology, which is a unique advantage against other article spinners on the market. What this unique technology does is that it does not just analyze words but also breaks down sentences and whole paragraphs, in order to spin all of them accordingly.

Does it sound too good to be true? Give it a try and you will see for yourself the speed and high quality of results.

One-click article spinning example

Let’s take an example I prepared for you:


Are You Setting Yourself Up to Procrastinate?

“How can I stop procrastinating?”

This is by far the most frequent question that I get from graduate students and professors. As a dissertation and tenure coach, I’ve come to realize that everyone in academia, whether writing a dissertation, completing an article, or doing research, struggles with procrastination. Why is this so prevalent in such a well-educated, intelligent population?

You’ve Got the Wrong Attitude

Your belief system is what may be standing in the way. Most academics cling to the belief that they must set aside large chunks of time, do a lot of preparation, and be in the proper frame of mind to be able to write.

What this means is that when you finally sit down to write, it’s going to be an unpleasant marathon. You have placed such importance on this writing session that you feel anxiety about it living up to your expectations. And you know it’s going to be difficult. After all, there are thorny issues you haven’t addressed, articles you haven’t read or reread, and a lack of coherence to your thinking. You need to solve those problems. And if you don’t do it now you’ll be quite disappointed in yourself. How unpleasant! And how counterproductive!

Copied with permission from: http://plrplr.com/13231/are-you-setting-yourself-up-to-procrastinate/


Are You Setting Yourself Up to Put things off?

” How can I stop putting things off?”

This is without a doubt the most regular concern that I receive from college students and teachers. As an argumentation and period coach, I’ve concerned recognize that everybody in academic community, whether composing an argumentation, finishing a short article, or studying, battles with procrastination. Why is this so common in such a well-read, smart population?

You’ve Got the Wrong Attitude

Your belief system is exactly what might be standing in the method. A lot of academics hold on to the belief that they should reserve big pieces of time, do a great deal of preparation, and remain in the appropriate mindset to be able to compose.

Exactly what this indicates is that when you lastly take a seat to compose, it’s going to be an undesirable marathon. You have actually put such value on this composing session that you feel stress and anxiety about it measuring up to your expectations. And you understand it’s going to be challenging. There are tough concerns you have not dealt with, short articles you have not check out or go over, and an absence of coherence to your thinking. You have to resolve those issues. And if you do not do it now you’ll be rather dissatisfied in yourself. How undesirable! And how detrimental!

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Article spinning process walk-through

Create unique content in 3 steps:

#1 Find

Find the article you need. It might be a PLR article or any article you choose

#2 Spin 

Paste it into the Spin Rewriter box and click the button to spin

#3 Check

Check for grammar with the in-built function (or use Grammarly.com), and replace any words you may want

Spin Rewriter Uses
See if Spin Rewriter is for you

In case you are wondering if this software is for you, here is a list of user groups and applications the product can have. Also, don’t forget that you can sign up right now and get a 5-day full-featured trial at no cost. So, here is a quick note about different uses of Spin Rewriter.

  1. Content Marketers. Create massive amounts of original content for social media and blogs.
  2. SEO Experts. Well, this is a user group who really need tons of unique search-engine optimized content to publish on PBNs. article directories, forums, niche sites, affiliate sites and more. Imagine being able to create a full website’s content in only a few clicks.
  3. Article Writers. Get help to write articles fast and sell them on online marketplaces for freelancers, like Fiverr or UpWork.
  4. Ebook Authors. Easily build a basic structure of their book, using PLR or other existing content, so they can then build up and create an amazing publication.
  5. Content Creators. Writers, editors, journalists, bloggers, authors… anyone can automatically rewrite old content to make it brand new.
  6. Copywriters. When writing web copy it’s always useful to have a tool which will rewrite or find synonyms for you, especially when you’re tired and uninspired.
  7. Bloggers. One of the top bloggers’ concern is where to find original content for their sites and social media assets. With Spin Rewriter you can instantly create brand new blog and social media posts.
  8. Solopreneurs. Solopreneurs don’t have the time or resources to invest in creating content to support their brand.
  9. Online Entrepreneurs. The same goes for online entrepreneurs who seek ways to outsource content creation while on a tight budget.
  10. Small Business Owners. Small business owners need Spin Rewriter, since they’re not likely to be able to afford an army of writers for their brand building.
  11. Virtual Assistants. VAs often use tools like article spinners to satisfy their boss’ need for unique and interesting content. Curate, spin and edit is a simple workflow to create high-quality articles.
  12. Non-English speakers. An article rewriting software along with a free grammar and spell-check tool like Grammarly will give non-English speakers the wings to fly high and achieve success in their internet marketing efforts.
  13. Membership Site Owners. Membership sites need to be filled with new, original content of high value. Spin Rewriter can help you take old stuff you’ve written and quickly convert them to new up-to-date member content.
  14. PLR Content Resellers. PLR products offer an amazingly rich pool of content in various niches. Taking old PLR, rewriting it and enhancing it to offer more value might be your road map to internet marketing success.

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