How to rewrite a sentence, and still make sense

Oftentimes, you need to rewrite a sentence using synonyms or a different structure. Our creativity can be limited, especially when we are tired after writing long texts. This is when a fast and reliable sentence rewriting tool, like Spin Rewriter, comes in handy.

Spin Rewriter allows you to rewrite a sentence, a paragraph or an article in a jiffy.

You can either choose automatic sentence rewriting with a click of a button, or you  can use the semi-automatic paraphrasing tool to rewrite the sentence word by word.

If you choose the semi-automatic way, Spin Rewriter will present you with synonyms from a database dynamically updated as users improve word choice. It will also allow you to recreate the structure of the sentence, so it is completely unique to the human eye and search engines.

If you have more than one sentences that you want to have rewritten, simply paste everything into Spin Rewriter’s editing area and click the button “One-click rewrite”.

The fastest way to rewrite a sentence